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Dedication, Personal attention, Creativity and Innovation flow as a red line through our whole collaboration, from the planning stage until the final execution. Conferences, conventions, product launches, incentives, travel, cultural, sporting and musical events, behind each of these there is the creative thought and organizational effort that transforms the event into an experience.

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2 days event
2 dinners awards - transfer

We organized two unforgattable award dinner for a big company in Barcelona with elegant atmosphere and delicious food 

4 days event
Hotel-meeting-dinners party e gala dinner-transfer -special visit

Exclusive visit before dinner of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando

3 days event
Hotel - Transfer - Activity - Dinner - Staff

Teambuilding was carried out through which the clients could have fun knowing the local traditions, flamenco, sangria, paella, nothing was missing!

4 days event
Activities - beach club - dinner - party - hotel

Personalized moto tour with food truck and picnic at olive oil Finca. Customers discovered the secrets of crafting cigars!

3 days event
Hotel-meeting-dinners party e gala dinner-transfer

Customers enjoyed different moments (meeting, dinner and party) and all in different buildings of the City of Arts and Sciences!

4 days event
Hotel - Transfer - Logistics -
Dinners - Activities - Sevillan Party

After having been in Jerez for the Moto GP, we organized a gala dinner in one of the most beautiful palaces in Seville!

3 days event
Meeting - Dinner party - Transfer - Hospitality

A fantastic night at Plaza de toro de las Ventas in Madrid, after a light show, was transformed into an outdoor disco! No details were missing!

4 days event
Hotel-meeting-dinners party e gala dinner-transfer special visit and all you can imagine!

The original actors of the musical Mamma Mia were hired and the musical was readjusted to the company's story. The then mayor of Madrid welcomed the group and during the gala dinner awards there was a laser show.

3 days event
Meeting - dinner party - Transfer - special visit

An inspiring experience visiting Google Campus and a dinner party to remember in one of the best club in Madrid

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